NEBOSH has completed a full review of all its qualifications, assessments and associated resources for learners and Learning Partners.

Paper based invigilated assessments

Previously, NEBOSH has provided Examiners reports following each Diploma examination and twice yearly for standard date certificate examinations. Following changes to our examination timetable and the removal of standard date certificate level qualifications the decision has been made that NEBOSH will no longer produce Examiners’ Reports for each sitting. Below is a list of current Examiners reports that are available on the following link Simply select the qualification of choice and click on resources. These documents will continue to be useful in preparation for assessments.

Examiners’ Reports available up to, and including the following dates 
National Diploma
January 2020
January 2020
January 2020
International Diploma
January 2020
January 2020
January 2020
Environmental Diploma
January 2020
National General Certificate
March 2020
March 2020
International Certificate
March 2020
March 2020
March 2020
National Fire Safety and Risk Management
March 2020
International Fire Safety and Risk Management
March 2020
Environmental Certificate
March 2020
National Construction Certificate
March 2020
International Construction Certificate
March 2020
Health and Well-being Certificate
March 2020
Oil and Gas Certificate
March 2020

Digital submissions

A new style of document will be produced for new specifications / assessment units. This document will provide feedback for learners for each new assessment unit but not for every sitting. Feedback will be provided on the overall learner performance and emphasis will be given to areas where learners can improve their assessment preparation, responses and assessment technique.

This format is currently available for the National General and International General Certificate Open Book Assessment units, located on our website and is named ‘Learner Feedback’.
Resources to aid learners and Learning Partners that are available on our website for the current new assessments units are:

• Open Book Learner Guide: help with preparation for open book examinations and closing interviews - clarifies what to expect - provides guidance on how learners can perform at their best
• Open Book Technical Learner Guide: focuses on accessing, completing, and submitting a learner’s open book examination using NEBOSH’s online examination platform
• Sample Question Paper: helps learners to familiarise themselves with question paper format, typical depth and breadth of questions asked etc.
• Learner feedback: gives advice and an indication of the types of answers that would attract credit and those that would not. It also guides learners in their approach to similar tasks and questions that they could expect to see in their examination.

These resources should be used in conjunction with the relevant syllabus guides and can be found on our website under the resources section here. Practical guidance documents are also available where applicable.
Similar types of these resources will be forthcoming for all new assessments units in due course and communication will be sent to Learning Partners upon their release.