Each individual unit is valid for 5 years and all units must be successfully completed within a 5 year period in order to complete the full qualification.


When the first successfully passed unit expires, your unit validity will move over to the next successfully passed unit. 


However, NEBOSH has a unit validity extension policy that you may be eligible to apply for. Please click here for further information regarding this policy. There is no fee involved for applying for a unit validity extension, however, if you are unsuccessful with your unit validity extension request a  fee is applicable should you wish to appeal this decision. 


All requests for unit validity extensions must be supported by your Learning Partner and must be submitted to NEBOSH by them, so you will need to contact them to discuss your situation.


If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Enquiry Team via info@nebosh.org.uk or live chat on our website www.nebosh.org.uk.