Learners can't apply directly to NEBOSH for a refund of their examination registration fee if they were absent from the examination, as Learning Partners pay NEBOSH directly for all learner registrations, any registration refund processed by NEBOSH will be paid back to your Learning Partner. You will need to contact them for details of their own refund policy.


If you need to apply for a refund of your registration fee please contact your Learning Partner who can assist you.


Refund requests must be received within one calendar month of the examination date and are processed in line with the  NEBOSH Refund Policy and Procedure, click here to view this.


All refund request forms will need to be submitted along with supporting evidence. On receipt of the application and supporting evidence each application is reviewed in line with the NEBOSH Refund Policy and Procedure. If the application is accepted, you will be entitled to a refund of up to 70% of the fee if accepted. 


Please be aware that NEBOSH will under no circumstances transfer registration fees to another examination sitting. You will be marked absent at the examination sitting you did not attend and full payment will be required at your next examination sitting.