If you have a copy of the qualification parchment, you can verify it yourself on our Online Verifications Service

This service provides a fast and accurate verification for all NEBOSH qualifications. (Please note, if the certificate was issued before 1991, you will need to submit the verification request form. See our verifications policy for more information.)


If you do not have a copy of the qualification parchment, we can still verify whether or not the individual holds one of our qualifications. However, in order for us to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, such requests can only be processed if the request is received in writing by completing the request form which can be downloaded by clicking here and may take up to 20 working days for a response to be received.


Transcript Verifications or requests to confirm qualifications to external educational institutions or for emigration/visa purposes, where completion of external paperwork is required will be processed within 5 working days from receipt of the relevant documents. NEBOSH will if requested, disclose marks achieved or verify unit examination results. Authorisation from the learner will be required. This is a chargeable service. You can view our Fees List here.


All qualification verification requests should be submitted using our Contact Us form.


For full information on our verification procedure please click here